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Our Lifestyle Spending Programs help you to pay less personal income tax and keep more money in your pocket–so that you can continue to fund your evolving and expanding lifestyle needs well into the future.

Personalized retirement planning

Dr. John Doucet

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Dr. Jim Kivinen

Hamilton, Ontario

"Laura, Tim & Kaylin could easily be considered retirement specialists to the dental profession. Their innovative yet simple techniques have shown me how to construct an investment portfolio that previously I hadn't believed was possible. Not only are my investments now less volatile than in the past but they are also extremely tax efficient. They can grow with little tax and they can be accessed with little tax. My Lifecycle Wealth Plan will serve me well for the rest of my life.

I would encourage all of my friends and colleges to attend one of their seminars."

Holistic financial planning advice
Tax optimization for retirees

Dr. Sumner Ling

Brantford, Ontario

"I have known Tim for over 20 years and have enjoyed the benefit of his advice.  My son has now joined our partnership, and we are in our new office. In one year, with the help of the Lifecycle Advisor Group, we built a new office and admitted a new partner with the comfort that our profitability is intact and our after tax earning is maximized. I now approach retirement, with the knowledge my game-plan is under control and I can leave the profession on my terms and on my time line with the confidence we all dream to achieve after 30 plus years."

Dr. Robert Perkins

London, Ontario

"I was frustrated that I had all this money in the company and could not access it without paying a lot of tax. Tim’s business experience helped me focus my practice and make the necessary changes. Tim and Laura have shown me how to pay off my cottage, house and boat all in a tax efficient manner, in a short period of time. I wish I would have met them sooner. I was also tired of losing money on my investments, Tim and Kaylin showed me a plan to minimize my risk. My investment roadmap allows me to reduce my tax on my investments, so I know what annual returns are required to live my current lifestyle in retirement. My worry is gone. I can now focus on growing my dental practices and spending time with family and friends. The Lifecycle Wealth Team care about me and my life unlike other financial advisors who just want to sell you products, whether you need it or not. They helped me with human resources, marketing, legal, accounting and reorganization of my company. They are specialists with dentists and get things done cost effectively."

Professional investment strategies
Financial planning for small business owners


Dr. Kareem Kadri

Windsor, Ontario

“As a recent graduate and new business owner, I was concerned that the Federal Tax changes to stop dividend sprinkling and the double taxation of passive assets, would affect my lifestyle, funding college for my children and retirement. Thanks to my Lifecycle Wealth Roadmap, I have re-routed my life’s journey with some minor adjustments to my game plan. I sleep easier knowing my way forward and that I am financially secure and appreciate the proactive advice my family has received from the Lifecycle Wealth Team.”


Kenn Wu

Toronto, Ontario

“Tim, Laura & Kaylin, provided me and my family peace of mind with a comprehensive Lifecycle Wealth Plan to be tax smart at every stage of our life. Lifecycle Wealth’s tailored approach helps business owners’ like me, uniquely structure and blend tax savings ideas with insurance and investments to fund our lifestyle tax efficiently. Generational planning then naturally flows from their knowledge, which can be shared to help my children evolve from beneficiaries to stewards over time. I would highly recommend this team to give you a second opinion.”

Customized financial planning services
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