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Medical Financial Advisor

Not every medical financial advisor is up to the job. That much should be clear. What’s less clear is why so many medical professionals wind up with a substandard medical financial advisor when one would think doctors, being bright individuals, would know better. Unfortunately, most doctors choose a financial advisor when they are still residents, since this is when most start making money. They are typically inexperienced in the ways of financial planning with little time to study up on it. Things then fester when the doctor later decides to stay the course, again, because they don’t have time to investigate options. But investigate they should.

Lifecycle Wealth Medical Financial Advisors

We understand time is precious to you and you don’t have any to waste chasing abstract financial concepts down rabbit holes that go nowhere or, worse yet, that run your financial situation into a ditch. Our method won’t take a degree in finance to understand and has helped hundreds of medical professionals create additional wealth using a few simple concepts. Our Lifecycle Wealth Plan will...

• Focus on the proper insurance protection

• Put tax efficient dollars to work for you

• Reduce your tax exposure across the board

• Utilize the latent cash potential of your business

• Result in a noticeable simplification of your financial picture

Your personalized Lifecycle Wealth Plan will reveal the difference our approach can make in your lifetime financial picture vs. that of your existing plan. You’ll see clearly how reducing your tax burden will free up valuable resources that can then be put to use, creating wealth.

Creating Wealth Through Lifecycle Wealth

More than 150 medical professionals in Toronto trust Lifecycle Wealth to provide them with the extra wealth creation everyone seeks. They continue being clients of ours because they see the results we deliver for them on a daily basis. Regardless of where you are in your medical career or life cycle our method of proactively fine tuning your financial profile will pay dividends for you and your family for years to come. Whether you are a:

• Recent graduate of medical school

• Resident or Fellow

• Private Practitioner/GP

• Preparing for retirement

• Or even retired

We maximize your wealth creation abilities by minimizing the amount you unnecessarily donate to the tax system and then redirecting the savings into insurance strategies that will double your wealth creation.

Many think a medical financial advisor is simply adequate and won’t ever deliver more than simply adequate results. We’re not typical medical financial advisors. We’ve spent our entire professional lives devising an innovative, holistic approach to finance we call “the art of living well” which harnesses the latent potential of your business and personal financial life in order to maximize wealth creation. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing your lifestyle is not compromised by your long term goals, and your long term goals are on sound financial footing.

Call us today to learn more about our Lifecycle Wealth Plan and discover what a growing number of medical professionals already know: that Lifecycle Wealth works.


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