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Investment Strategies for High-Net-Worth Business Owners: A Mandeville Private Client Inc. Approach - Your Business Is Your Best Investment

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By Tim Leonard


Navigating the complex world of investments can be a daunting task, especially for high-net-worth business owners who seek to not only preserve their wealth but also to grow it.


Every business owner's financial situation is unique, influenced by factors such as the nature of their business, their personal goals, and their risk tolerance. Mandeville Private Client Inc. understands this and emphasizes the importance of personalized investment planning.

Personalization extends beyond just selecting the right investment options. It involves a deep understanding of the business owner’s entire financial landscape, including their business(s), family cash flow needs, current lifecycle stage, succession/transition planning and estate planning for intergenerational financial security.


Our investment strategies include the manufacturing and harvesting of tax effective income. This bespoke approach ensures that investments are not just a series of transactions, but a well-integrated component of the entrepreneur's overall lifecycle wealth plan.


Diversification Beyond the Basics


For affluent business owners, diversification is more than just spreading investments across different asset classes. Mandeville Private Client Inc. advises not only diversifying across stocks and bonds but also considering alternative investments such as private equity, private real estate, private debt, and private hedge funds. Diversification should also reflect the business owner’s risk tolerance, market outlook and income needs. By investing in a wide range of assets, entrepreneurs can mitigate the risks inherent in their business sectors and geographic locations, thus protecting their wealth from market-specific downturns. We not only look at your investments from a risk-adjusted return, but also your tax-adjusted returns as a business owner.


Mandeville Private Client Inc.’s Approach


Our approach to investment management for high-net-worth business owners is comprehensive, considering all aspects of the entrepreneur’s financial life. This includes business valuation, cash flow analysis, and retirement planning, all of which help customize a tailored investment strategy. As a hard-working business owner, never forget, that your business is your best investment and best tax shelter.


About Tim

Tim Leonard is a Wealth Retention Strategist at Lifecycle Wealth, a firm providing proprietary insurance solutions to high-net-worth professionals and business owners in Ontario, Canada. Tim is also an investment advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc., providing private and alternative fund solutions in addition to public investments. Tim uses his over 40 years of experience to develop and implement the Lifecycle Wealth Plan, using appropriate and customized investment tools to help business owners create more wealth by paying less tax at each stage of life. His desire is to see his clients save tax, fund their lifestyle, and build their legacy—all through proactive planning. Tim and the Lifecycle Wealth team specialize in understanding the various tax rules exclusive to business owners and building a plan with both standard and unique investment, insurance, and personal financing products tailored to their needs, goals, and situations. Tim wants his clients to sleep better at night, knowing they’re on the right path and have a team of professionals advocating for them no matter what comes their way.


Tim has a Bachelor of Arts from Western University and a degree in commerce, accounting, and finance from the University of Windsor. While his favorite thing to do is help people excel financially, Tim also enjoys a good game of golf. He’s a member of the Whistle Bear Golf Club and is the chair of the Stratford Chefs School’s finance committee. To learn more about Tim, connect with him on LinkedIn.




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