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A Lifetime of Tax Savings.

We are dedicated to helping affluent Canadians keep more of what they've earned by tailoring innovative tax minimization strategies.

Toronto Area

Our Services 

Tax Smart Financial Planning

  • Lifecycle Wealth Plan

  • Lifestyle Funding

  • Transition & Retirement Planning

  • Estate & Philanthropic Planning

Best In Class Insurance Solutions

  • Proactive Risk Management

  • Term, Whole or Universal Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

Estate planning for business owners

Professional Investment Management

  • High Quality Private Alternative Investments

  • Customized Managed Solutions

  • Fee-Based Accounts

  • Comprehensive Tax-Efficient Strategies

We use best in class insurance and high quality private investments which aligns with tax and business strategies to develop your Lifecycle Wealth Plan and create more wealth for you and your family.


The experienced Lifecycle Wealth team smiling in the office, ready to provide expert financial planning advice

We are a tight-knit team of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience. Together, we provide business owners and high-net-worth Canadians with the best-in-class solutions they need to grow their businesses and build their wealth. The result is peace of mind for our clients, knowing the risks are being managed, the opportunities are not being missed and that their lifestyle both now and into the future is secure.

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“This team of professionals has figured out how to use a multi corporate structure to significantly lower my taxes, both while I practice and when I retire. Perhaps it can work for you?

Furthermore, I must mention that the team of "Lifecycle Wealth" has been instrumental over the past six years in planning my five year practice transition. What is comforting is the fact that I can now retire and maintain my existing lifestyle that we all have worked so hard to achieve. Do not give up this opportunity; you will be impressed."

Dr. John Doucet, Retired Orthodontist

Niagara Falls, Ontario 

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