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At Lifecycle Wealth, we believe in the power of time. Time is what turns a trickling stream into the Grand Canyon. It’s how extraordinary individuals build real wealth and lasting financial security.


But, if you’re not careful, time can work against you. Wealth created can easily erode over time, especially when significant personal and corporate tax liabilities are inefficiently structured.


At Lifecycle Wealth, we are dedicated to helping affluent Canadians keep more of what they’ve earned by tailoring innovative tax minimization strategies to their specific needs. We call this process the Lifecycle Wealth Plan.



The Lifecycle Wealth Plan is an innovative process developed by our team of experienced professionals. Our plan puts all the pieces of the puzzle together—integrating personalized planning to help business owners fund their lifestyle and legacy with tax smart insurance and investment solutions.


We work collaboratively with your professional advisors to seamlessly execute the wealth retention strategies you need and request. Our goal is to find resourceful ways to help you reduce your tax exposure, grow your business, and enhance your lifestyle.

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We are a tight-knit team of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience. Together, we provide business owners and high-net-worth Canadians with the best-in-class solutions they need to grow their businesses and build their wealth.


Our difference is simple. We integrate wealth management, risk management, and personal financial planning to help you be as tax smart as possible over your lifetime.

Our Lifestyle Spending Programs help you to pay less personal income tax and keep more money in your pocket—so that you can continue to fund your evolving and expanding lifestyle needs well into the future.

In short, we’re the team that helps you protect your lifestyle and your legacy.

We are Lifecycle Wealth & Mandeville Private Client Inc.

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Laura Fitzsimons

Partner & Insurance Advisor
at Lifecycle Wealth

Laura is an insurance specialist for over 35 years. Laura’s professional memberships and activities include a membership in the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisor’s, as well as being awarded the Top Canadian Female Producer with major insurers for the past 20 years. Laura has secured access to unique insurance products and financing sources that create high impact tax efficient insurance solutions to meet the demands of high and ultra-high net worth clients. Together, Laura and Tim established Lifecycle Wealth specializing with high net worth professionals and business owners. Laura draws a clear financial picture and help clients create a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.


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Tim Leonard

Partner at Lifecycle Wealth
Investment Advisor at
Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Tim is a retired Partner at Deloitte & Touche. Tim has over 40 years of experience advising private clients. Tim has developed the Lifecycle Wealth Plan which provides business owners with a simple framework to create more wealth by paying less tax at each stage of life utilizing the appropriate insurance and investment tools. Tim is a member of the Whistle Bear Golf Club and is the chair of the Stratford Chefs School, Finance Committee. 

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Kaylin Fitzsimons

Partner & Insurance Advisor
at Lifecycle Wealth
Investment Advisor at
Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Graduate from Western with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. Kaylin’s insurance focus is educating clients about insurance and how it is an asset rather than a cost. Kaylin’s investment focus is designing investment portfolios to help clients invest tax efficiently, so they can spend tax efficiently over their lifetime. Kaylin works in partnership with Laura and Tim to help clients execute their Lifecycle Wealth Plans. 



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