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Kaylin & Tim Win the 2022 Mandeville Chairman’s Club Award

By Kaylin Fitzsimons & Tim Leonard

The 2022 Mandeville Chairman’s Club Award is given out to a Mandeville-affiliated investment advisory firm that has the highest average household (in other words, the highest amount of assets per client) among all Mandeville advisory firms in Canada. We are honoured to be this year’s recipient.

Mandeville Private Client Inc. Philosophy

As investment advisors, our goal is to provide steadfast dedication, commitment, and trust to our clients. We strive to provide an enhanced client experience and deliver the highest value possible. As we meet with our clients one-on-one, we tailor custom investment plans for their unique situation. You’re never just a number.

Our goal is to make clients wealthy by providing access to high-quality public and private investments with less volatility and fewer taxes. Winning this award confirms our strategy to help businesses and professionals achieve their lifestyle needs and financial goals.

Thank You to All Our Clients

We are grateful for the high-quality referrals our clients and centers of influence entrust us with. From the first client 36 years ago to the most recent client a week ago, each and every one of you is a joy to work with. We hope we have exceeded your expectations and that you’ve truly felt as though we’ve gone above and beyond to make your dreams a reality. This is our daily goal, and we take great pride in achieving the best through our partnership together. We would also like to take a moment to thank Mandeville for our investment framework that helps to increase our clients’ wealth.

Want to Learn More?

At Mandeville, our investment approach is based on the concept that the needs of the high-net-worth institutional investors are the same as the average investor. We feel the portfolio profiles should be similar, focusing on the six needs of investors: preserve capital, income, liquidity, growth, tax minimization, and estate tax minimization. We offer a ten-minute complimentary call to explore what you may be missing out on. Take the first step in planning for your future by reaching out to me at or calling 416-792-2333 to find out how we can help.

About Kaylin

Kaylin Fitzsimons is an Insurance Advisor at Lifecycle Wealth, providing tax-efficient insurance solutions to high net worth professionals and business owners in Ontario, Canada. She is also an investment advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc., which allows her to offer a wide range of investment options to her clients, including private and alternative fund solutions. Kaylin is focused on using insurance to add value to her clients’ lives and designing investment portfolios that allow her clients to minimize taxes. Kaylin is dedicated to helping her clients save money, make the most of their hard work, and experience confidence that their businesses and families are protected through tailored strategies.

Kaylin graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking or visiting her favorite restaurants, traveling, and learning about different cultures. To learn more about Kaylin, connect with her on LinkedIn.

About Tim

Tim Leonard is a Wealth Retention Strategist at Lifecycle Wealth, a firm providing proprietary insurance solutions to high net worth professionals and business owners in Ontario, Canada. Tim is also an investment advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc., providing private and alternative fund solutions in addition to public investments. Tim uses his over 40 years of experience to develop and implement the Lifecycle Wealth Plan, using appropriate and customized investment tools to help business owners create more wealth by paying less tax at each stage of life. His desire is to see his clients save tax, fund their lifestyle, and build their legacy—all through proactive planning. Tim and the Lifecycle Wealth team specialize in understanding the various tax rules exclusive to business owners and building a plan with both standard and unique investment, insurance, and personal financing products tailored to their needs, goals, and situations. Tim wants his clients to sleep better at night, knowing they’re on the right path and have a team of professionals advocating for them no matter what comes their way.

Tim has a Bachelor of Arts from Western University and a degree in commerce, accounting, and finance from the University of Windsor. While his favorite thing to do is help people excel financially, Tim also enjoys a good game of golf. He’s a member of the Whistle Bear Golf Club and is the chair of the Stratford Chefs School’s finance committee. To learn more about Tim, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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