Toronto Construction Associations ‘Building A Better Business’ Symposium

The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) celebrates a successful inaugural Symposium dedicated to helping its business owner members and we at Lifecycle Wealth and Mandeville Wealth Services were happy to help make it a success!

The TCA Building a Better business committee decided to bring together business owners for an information-gathering event and they managed to pull together a full-day Symposium packed with informative sessions and attended by more than 100 business owners involved in construction. As a member on the TCA committee, Laura Fitzsimons was able to assist in bringing 3 of the speakers which were Ian Campbell, Sheila Botting and the keynote speaker for the event, Michael Lee-Chin.

Ian Campbell, a planning consultant who specializes in business valuation, as well as the published author of 50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified, Campbell shared his insight into implementing effective business transition. He emphasized generational succession, where a company remains under the ownership of a family and the reins are handed over to the next generation. Campbell identified communication at all stages of the process as a critical success factor. To read more follow the link below.



Sheila Botting, a partner and real estate leader at Deloitte and Touche, urges Symposium delegates to embrace change and how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. She points out that there is a very new reality when it comes to today’s marketplace: office space, as we’ve always known it, has basically been turned on its head. For many professionals, Botting included, their office is wherever their laptop is. Or in other words, just about anywhere. “Everything,” summed up Botting, “has changed.” To read more follow the link below.



Michael Lee-Chin, arrived at the Symposium as the keynote speaker in his own private helicopter! Lee-Chin is the executive chairman of Portland Holdings Inc. and is one of Canadas wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs who states “that building a successful business is about more than the here and now, it’s about ensuring your legacy.” He shared his insight on what to weigh in the balance once you’re no longer able or interested in running your business, and what to consider if passing on the reins to the next generation. To read more follow the link below. 


Fresh off the press is a link below to the latest edition of Builders’ Digest profiling the day and much more:


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